Presentation 2017

League of Legends

A preseason to remember. We partnered with the SEA team of Riot Games to introduce a slew of exciting updates for their widely popular multiplayer online game, League of Legends. To ensure we aligned to the game’s iconic graphic style, we closely referenced the colour palette and every nuanced detail in our style frames. The final piece gained considerable traction—it was even picked and shared by the regional team.


In numbers

YouTube: 390K

Facebook: 443K


Top Cut Modiano

Frank & Fame

YETI Pictures

Creative Director
Zhang Long Fei


Kacey Sim

Art Direction
YETI Pictures, Clarice Woon, Sarah Wang, Zhang Long Fei

Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Clarice Woon

2D Animators
Sarah Wang , Joanne Lin, Choo Hui Xuan, Chintana Lee, Lam Guan Wah, Clarice Woon, Lim Xin Qian, José Luis Rosada, Bonkers Animation Studio, Juan Harte

3D Animators
YETI Pictures, Sarah Wang, Lim Xin Qiang, Stacey Cobrador

Additional Text Design & Animation
Till Noon

Music & Sound Design