4 Must-know Apps for Work On-the-go or Practice For Designers

Today, we’re sharing with you 4 apps for all you passionate, hard-working and keen designers. We all know the usuals like Behance, Pinterest, and Paper53, but this time, we are going to be sharing with you something different. Apps that can help satiate your curious and creative hunger pangs.


Cr: Digital Arts

Cr: Digital Arts

Link: https://procreate.art/

Price: S$14.98

Developer: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

You wouldn’t want to miss this gem. Hailed as the iPhone app of the year in 2018, Procreate offers an advanced layer system, beautiful cinema-quality effects, and a whopping 64-bit color and canvas solution, this app was MADE for designers and creators on the go. 

On top of the technical qualities that it boasts, it is packed with numerous other features developed to make life a breeze for creators on the move. Like their gesture controls, time-lapse video playback and a mind-blowing effects library all available at your fingertips!

Cr: Procreate Youtube

Clip Studio Paint

Cr: Clip Studio Paint

Cr: Clip Studio Paint

Link: https://www.clipstudio.net/en

Price: 6-month Free Trial with a subscription fee of US$4.49/month thereafter

Developer: CELSYS, Inc.

Used by over 4 million creators around the world, its safe to say that this app is one that you can trust. The descendant of the cult favorite Manga Studio (Comic Studio), this software and app was created especially for comic, manga and cartoon artists. With features dedicated solely to the drawing and coloring of this niche, creators are bound to enjoy a seamless artist experience with this app. 

On top of the dedicated features for comics and manga creation, users can look forward to the creation of bitmap, vector art and, frame by frame animation.

Cr: Jay_septimo Instagram

Cr: Jay_septimo Instagram

Rough Animator

Link: http://www.roughanimator.com/

Price: $4.99

Developer: Jacob KAFKA

Made by an animator, for animators. This powerful, simple and elegant app is not only good for beginners but for professionals as well. Rough Animator has all the tools and features that designers need to create traditional hand-drawn animation anytime, anywhere. 

The app provides an unlimited amount of layers and easily adjustable exposure lengths for individual drawings. Creators can look forward to seamless imports of audio on top of exports to Quicktime Video, GIFs, Image Sequences and even working files to Adobe Flash, Animate and After Effects.

Cr: WeirdHat Youtube

Pantone Studio

Cr: Pantone Studio

Cr: Pantone Studio

Link: https://www.pantone.com/studio

Price: Free with In-App Purchases

Developer: Pantone

With Pantone Studio, you can now extract and revive colors captured in every picturesque moment with just a touch of your screen. Talk about learning or working on the go! 

The app offers sRGB, Hex and, CMYK color values, as well as colour references and harmonies, developed to make every designer’s life easier. With over 10,000 standardized hues available, users can look forward to building beautiful color palettes that can be seamlessly transferred to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe softwares.

Creators can easily access Pantone’s library of insights and knowledge that spans from trends to emotional and psychological effects of various applications of colors as well. All of which only serves to enhance and improve any design project!

Cr: Gfycat

Cr: Gfycat

We’re sure there are other great apps out there that serve designers and creators just as well. If you know one, let us know on our social media! We’d love to hear from you.

We know we’ll always have the Adobe suite of apps to fall back on, with easy to use applications such as Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Express and, Adobe Illustrator Draw. There will always be a way to fuel your passion for design and creation now, so its time to get on with it!