Surefire Tips To Make A First Impression With Your Motion Reel

Did you manage to catch our Youtube live stream earlier this month? We collected motion reels from a few of our beloved followers and reviewed them with a load of you guys. You can catch up on it here: 

If you haven’t caught it yet, you’ve missed out on some great advice. Or did you….? Well, we don’t mean to brag, but we’ve collated the tips that we gave and we’re putting them on here for all of you so let’s jump right in!

Put Your Best Foot(age) Forward

Always start your reel with your best clip - use it to reel your audiences and viewers in, make a statement and set the tone for your entire video. Just like how you would with a verbal presentation, it’s always important to start strong, that way, you can make an impression. Often of times, you won’t even be there to exert your physical presence on the people watching your reel, which is why it is even more important to sweep them off their feet right from the start.

Make It A Quickie

The people you’re sending your reel to? They don’t have all day to watch your reel - they have hundreds of reels to go through in a day, so make it a fast and worthwhile one. Don’t think of the minute as a limit. With this minute, you can force yourself to put in the best clips and best clips only.

Cr: Chris Anderson

Music Is Key

Pick the music for your motion reel based on the emotions you wish to evoke within your audience, something that is symbolic of yourself and something that you wouldn’t mind listening to over and over again as you edit. Choose a piece of music with variations and ups and downs - it will help to build interest and veer away from monotony. Music helps to set the mood and highlight certain portions in your reel - all of which will help to enhance the viewing experience for your audiences.

5 Seconds At A Time

We all know how hard it is to juggle a day job, your mental well-being, your sleep and family time. Honestly, where does one find the time to work on their reel properly? So here’s a little idea that might go a long way. Every week, squeeze in a little time to sit down and create a 5-second clip. Just 5 seconds worth of your best, and most polished work can and will add a load of finesse to your punchy reel in the long run.

Sharpen Your Saw

Like we mentioned in our New Year’s Resolutions for Designers [Link] article, mastery pays off. It’s always better to be extremely well-versed in one aspect than to be a generalist with no specific medium or aspect of design which you are confident in. Do one thing and do it better than anyone else!

There you have it, the rough summary of the takeaways from our first Reel Review [Link]. For more specific feedback and ideas, watch the full video! It’s long we know, but there’s a total of 11 reviewed reels and a well full of knowledge nuggets waiting for you to bring back!