creative video

With our philosophy of creating customer-orientated content,
we conceptualise creative content that relates well to the brand
and to the targeted customer, together with you in our process.

+ Listen and Examine

To start every project, our main objective would be to understand your business. We listen and ask questions, probably more than we should, in order to have a clear understanding of what your business problems are, and how we can fix it.

+ Marketing and Sales Strategisation

We understand that you know your Business best, and rely on your understanding of the business and its market. With this, we can kerb the problems by formulating a strategy that will work with your budgets and time constraints.

+ Customer-Orientated Design

What is Customer-Orientated Design? It's a design created solely for your target audience's mindset and demographics. Only then, they are able to relate closely to the content, resulting in them paying closer attention to your content. We look through the eyes of your customers and align our design to what they want to see.

+ Turn The Tide

By focusing on adjusting content to the customer's point of view, we will be able to create invaluable marketing content that relates to them. This significantly improves conversion ratios, increases brand Awareness and most importantly, generate revenue.

video production

Our in-house production team are specially handpicked and grown to produce groundbreaking content regardless of technology or platform. We provide a holistic solution from pre-production, production to post-production for the final delivery.

+ Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a sales and marketing tool directed to the customer or client to further explain your brand and what its services visually and clearly. Equipping your sales or marketing team with these content allows them to deliver a well-designed presentation regardless of their mood, explanation clarity and presentation speed. The perfect tool for sales pitches!

+ Social Media Content

One guerilla marketing strategy, would be to utilise Social Media to their advantage. Creating interesting content for your customers to consume on a weekly or even daily basis is one way to ensure that your customers remember your brand.

+ Corporate Content

Corporate content may include corporate promotional videos, staff training videos, safety videos, financial results, KPI and presentation content. These are aimed to keep its content interesting and engaging.

+ Promotional Content

Promotional content raises customer awareness to your products or services, which in turn, generates sales and create brand loyalty. These advertisements separate you from your competitors and are most commonly found on broadcast and online platforms.

+ Event Content

Content will be designed for pre-event, on-site event, and post-event. These may include promotional and hype videos, sponsor videos, program schedules, highlight and recap videos and behind the scenes content. These contents keep the attendees engaged before, during and after the event.

+ Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Increase your brand presence by creating content for OOH content, which are located at shopping malls, bus stops, airports, etc. These will include creating brand designs and animations, as well as, the back-end coding. Interactive installations are also possible!

+ Experiential Installations

Bring your audience through an immersive story while experiencing your brand first hand. These may include building a customised set, effects machines, and a projection system to provide a never-seen-before experience to your customer or client. Create a brand experience to remember.

+ Projection Mapping Content

By using a projection system and customised set, we are able to design an immersive brand story through a visual feast for your customers or clients.

+ Virtual Reality (VR/360)

These are the future of videos, virtual reality creates an immersive experience like no other. Bring your customers or clients into your own world, simulating everything in a controlled environment to bring out a life-like experience along with your brand message.

+ Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality content merges custom visuals to real-life and real-time through the lens of a camera. These allow a seemingly plain day to day object to suddenly come to life. A good example to Augmented Reality would be Pokemon Go.