Rolls Royce

Client: Rolls-Royce Motorcars Singapore
Project: Bespoke VR Experience
Year: 2017


Rolls-Royce core concept, focuses on its customisability and its ability to tailor each car to your personality and needs. Hence, its tagline, Bespoke is Rolls-Royce.

With the client openness to working with the latest technology, Virtual Reality (VR) was used to create an experience like no-other. These experiences will be distributed and used throughout all the Rolls-Royce showrooms in Singapore

We worked together with Rolls-Royce Motorcars Singapore, as well as, Nanyang Polytechnic's Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design (MGBD) and Visual Effects (VFX) students, to develop and improve the experience.

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Project Credits:

Client: Rolls-Royce Motorcar Singapore
In collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic (
Concept: Nanyang Polytechnic, Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design
Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (
Art Director: Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Jake Hardiman, Benjamin Ang
Animators: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Alvin Gunawan, Jake Hardiman
Compositing: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang