Client: Riot Games
Project: League Of Legends Preseason 2017
Year: 2017


Riot Games Singapore and Malaysia approached us to create a explainer video to be featured on their social media to create more awareness for the major changes coming this Preseason.

We broke down their script, storyboard-ed, played a game with the client (wow), did screen recordings, did asset generation and preparation before finally, moving on to animation.

When released, the video immediately went viral and after 30 hours, garnered 300,000 views on Youtube, and 257,000 on Facebook.

Riot Games HQ loved the quality of the video, and requested us to create an international version which was soon after released on their Facebook page, which then accumulated to 1,500,000 views and counting, and re-appropriated in several languages for the various regions.

Client: Riot Games Singapore & Malaysia (
Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (
Art Direction: Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Darren Shieh, Benjamin Ang
Animators: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Soo Min Lim

Project Credits: