NUS Wonder

Client: National University of Singapore
Project: NUS Arts Festival Opener
Year: 2016


The National University of Singapore (NUS) approached us to create several video content for it's art festival held every year. Our team conceptualised and developed the animations to bring it's theme of 'Wonder' to life.


The key visuals were based on the event's theme of 'Wonder'.
The lines used, to form shapes representing the virtual realities of a computerised life, technologies and science.

We took this idea and brought the audience through a series of concepts. From lines forming shapes representing an atom to explaining the personality of atoms with it's unstable nature.

Design and Art Direction

The lines used for the designs are flat in nature. However, the possibilities are endless with what you're able to create with them. The team decided to push the design of the key visuals further by transitional them from the initial 2-D visuals to
3-D for added depth. Further signifying the mysteries of what's possible.


Styleframes set 2


With the styleframes approved from the client, we created an animatic consisting of our storyboards and styleframes. This helped our client to get a better and clearer understanding of the video's pacing and energy. We also added a sample background music track for better visualisation of the final outcome.

Final Deliverables

Animation tests were also done internally, which resulted in us providing the client with a precise visual storytelling opener;  full of metaphors and visual lookalikes to fully bring it's concept of 'Wonder' to life!

Asides, creating the opener, we also worked on other short trailers and a compendium of the event.