Lunar New Year

Client: Robinsons Singapore
Project: Lunar New Year

Client: Robinsons Singapore (robinsons.com.sg)
Agency: DDB Singapore (ddb.asia)
Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (wearegenesis.tv)
Art Direction: Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Daryl Feril (darylferil.com)
Animators: Jay Septimo, Stacey Cobrador, Joanne Lin
Compositing: Jay Septimo, Stacey Cobrador, Joanne Lin
Sound design: GRYD Studio (gryd.studio)
Voiceover Talent: Naomi Yeo (naomiyeo.com)


This Robinsons Lunar New Year project had us digging deep into our cultural roots. We delved right into the challenge of bringing traditional Chinese paintings to life.

The distinctive style and movements of the animals were all studied closely to enable this piece. From the koi fishes to the calligraphy brush and ink, from the photo studio to our own studio, we've been there and done them all. With some character rigging and cel animation magic, we present to you this piece with the warmest festive cheer.