Client: Pause Festival
Project: "Deliberation"
Year: 2018


“Deliberation” revolves around the creative process - the endless pursuit of the best concept.

Featuring Rodin’s Thinker statue, the hand of God, and a slew of characters experiencing (and at times, overcoming) adversities, “Deliberation” takes on a comedic approach towards the theme ‘Journey = Destination’.

In our quest to reach the end, we realise that the answers lie within the journey itself, and have thus become the destination.

'Deliberation' wallpapers now available for download.

Client: PauseFest (
Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (
Conceptualisation: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Darren Shieh, Lim Soo Min, Benjamin Ang
Art Direction: Rachael Lum, Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designers: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Natalie Ang, Lim Soo Min, Natalie Yoo
Animators: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Natalie Ang, Rohan Lorenz, Lim Soo Min, Natalie Yoo
3D Modelling and Texturing: Li Jinlong
3D Animation: Joyce Kambey
Lighting and Rendering: Li Jinlong
Compositing: Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Natalie Ang
Music: Wonderkid Sound (

Project Credits: