Client: Mediacorp
Project: Algorithms
Year: 2018

Produced by: Genesis Motion Design (wearegenesis.tv)
Creative Director: Benjamin Ang
Producer: Darren Shieh
Designer: Benjamin Ang, Zhang Long Fei, Stacey Cobrador
Animators: Benjamin Ang, Zhang Long Fei, Stacey Cobrador, Natalie Ang


Algorithms are a new digital species in our world, streamlining every aspect of our lives. But we are only just beginning to question their control - is it too late to rage against the machine?

We worked with together with Mediacorp to conceptualise the opening titles for their new documentary, ‘Algorithms’. We weaved elements from the documentary together, creating a microchip city. The ultimate representation of the world we live in now, a world dominated and run by technology.