The Ultimate Sales Tool You Need For Your Business

In every business, some form of presentation is required, whether it is to a potential client, an investor or perhaps to the consumer themselves. These usually comes in forms of power point slides, printed notes and brochures. But which method is the most effective?

1. First Impression is Key

I'm sure that most of us know that this statement is a well-known fact. We dress nicely, put on our best cologne or perfume along with a freshly cut or neatly tied hair. Yes, I do agree that these are important to presenting a great first impression, but is that all to it?

I've seen well-groomed salespeople approach me with a folder of documents containing about 20 different pages of power point presentation slides, jumping back and forth their well-worn folder (that looks like it has been passed from one generation to the next), in search of explaining the service they are selling. And to be honest, I found it unprofessional to say the least. It also wastes your client's / investor's or consumer's time, which brings me to my next point.

2. Keep the Presentation Short and Sweet

Your consumers and clients will appreciate a sharp. precise and clear presentation. But how do we actually go about presenting it?

It can be a mouthful at times, trying to explain your business to a potential consumer or client. There might be just too much information that you are trying to feed the client, and you might end up confused yourself.

Some businesses will create a presentation structure for its sales team to strictly follow. This helps to explain its key points in a short and sharp manner.

However, as a person, we have flaws and our off days. Providing the wrong information or losing our train of thought could be crucial to losing or winning over a potential consumer / client. Even the most experienced salesman has their own human flaws.

3. The Ultimate Sales Tool

So what is this Sales Tool that every business need?
It's an Explainer Video.

So you might ask, what is an Explainer video? Basically, it is a video explaining your product or services to an audience. Why use a video to explain, you may ask?

  • By using this platform, the audience is able to visualise your product or services without having to demonstrate or physically bring the product there.

  • You are able to input key information and have the audience easily absorb it's content.

  • Your branding can be integrated into the video for a more professional sales tool.

  • No matter the sales person, the message and key information will be brought forward to all your clients / consumers consistently.

  • It can be used on different devices, from a projector to your mobile phone. You will always be ready to introduce your business to a potential consumer or client.

  • Place it on your website as an introductory video to familiarise your potential consumers and clients with your products and services.

  • Stand out from your competitors!

Keep up with technology and let technology do your work for you!

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