Natural Marketing vs Forced Marketing


Forced Marketing versus Natural Marketing.

Both very different in forms of marketing and strategy, but each has their own pros and cons.
Let's dive deeper into understanding its definition and approach:

  1. Forced Marketing

    This method of marketing focuses on repetitiveness. They appear everywhere, your newspapers, television, signages, bus decals, bus stops, and even in your mobile applications. It can be annoying, but its messages are repeated until it has drilled the thought right into your brain.

    However, although its audiences might remember the message you have put across, it does not reflect the same about their attitude or thoughts towards it. Unless you are sending across a public service announcement (PSA), it conversion ratio might not improve, and for some cases if done too excessively, worsen.

  2. Natural Marketing

    This method of marketing focuses on strategy. How? Well, by placing your advertisements strategically in a customer-orientated situation. This focuses directly on your target audience and turns your advertisement into an infomercial. Research on relevant marketing materials that might relate better to your audiences.

    This technique can be applied anywhere, on television, newspapers, and even events.
    For example, if you're selling sports water bottles, you might be better off promoting in sports shops, the sports section of the newspaper, and buying air-time in the half time break during soccer matches.

Both techniques serve very different purposes and works better in different scenarios.
You could even try mixing both techniques by repetitively placing your advertisements in the right places, but why the need to when you can play it smart rather than with brute strength?

However, these steps of strategy are just one part of the many we, here in Genesis Motion Design, plan and strategise on. There are budget constraints to handle, content strategies to work on, and of course, design and execution to ensure the messages put across are very clear to our client's target audiences.

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