Life-changing Plug-ins on After Effects

Trapcode Suite // cr: Red Giant

Trapcode Suite // cr: Red Giant

We know you guys have been wondering how we breathe life into ideas and immortalize them in a video. Read on and learn about the After Effects plug-ins that have helped us create our videos, the ones we cannot live without.

P.S. we are not sponsored by any of these developers - we just want to share the good stuff.

Cr: Tenor

Cr: Tenor

Trapcode Suite

This package for motion graphics in After Effects boasts a set of 11 tools for 3D motion graphics and visual effects. From lights and glimmers, particle effects to 3D objects and surfaces, you can create beautiful and realistic results better and faster than before. We used Trapcode Particular in our Manifesto video adding the littlest detail to enhance the overall space scene.

Motion 2

This plug-in is a lifesaver when it comes to animation. It helps to increase the workflow significantly, making our process a lot more efficient by helping us complete repetitive tasks. It also helps create energetic motion plus a whole bunch of other things. With over 20 tools available within the set, you can look forward to faster animation without the compromisation of work quality. As they say, “create more & click less”.

Work smart and ease the creative process with motion 2, pictures from mtmograph below for some sneaks!



If you’ve always wanted to pack a stronger punch in your videos, Frischluft is the way to go. It builds upon the existing effects and presets available in After Effects, enhancing them and improving them while still providing the freedom to customize. From blurs to glows to depth of field, this plug-in has them all.

You can see how Frischluft helped bring our snake to life while it was slithering stealthily away in our Razer Mamba x Razer Hyperflux video!

Are these plug-ins new to you? If so, send us the work that you’ve done using them, if not, shoot it our way too! DM us or drop us a message on our social media pages to share with us what you’ve done, we’d love to see them!

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