Hyperplay Festival 2018 Process

Nothing hits home like a returning client. Riot Games came back to us with a bigger and better brief following our first awesome collaboration! Here, project lead, Benjamin Ang sheds some light on the project.

Hyperplay 2018 Video

The Brief

Riot Games wanted us to help design their broadcast package, stage design and animations for the event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Hyperplay is the first integrated ASEAN e-sports and music festival, organised as part of an ongoing YOUTHx celebration, a government-driven initiative to celebrate diverse youth interests.

The festival is jointly organised by Riot Games and MTV with sponsors such as National Youth Council, Singapore’s Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, CLEAR Men as well as Singtel.

Hyperplay Logo

Hyperplay Logo

The Concept Behind

The logo (pictured above) was all that was given to us when we were first tasked with the project. We wanted to tone things down a little and universalise the work - so we uncomplicated and simplified it, using the all-inclusive symbols throughout our project.

Living Hold 2 Styleframe_180709_02.png

The Challenge

We made the wise decision of using inanimate objects throughout our project - a good and bad thing. How were we going to tell stories with dead things!

But we made it. We used movements and embellishments to convey feelings of euphoria and sadness, drawing metaphors and parallels between the inanimate animation as well as the emotions in real life.


What kind of software and techniques did you use?

Adobe Suite - Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate. A mixture of motion graphics and 2D animation - frame by frame animation - was used.

Water Cel Process

Water Cel Process

Water Cel Linework

Water Cel Linework

Water Cel Fill

Water Cel Fill

What improvements would you have made or lessons did you take away from this project?

Communication between us and the client. There will always be room for miscommunication in any project. The magnitude and versatility of the work required of us resulted in road blocks along the way. Communication is always key.

Creatively, we thought we could have incorporated more elements, played around with the layout. Pack more of a punch in general.

In retrospect, we throughly enjoyed working on this project because we managed to rise above the challenges posed and presented quality work to the client!

Animation from JPEG by  @rohan_lorenz  on Instagram

Animation from JPEG by @rohan_lorenz on Instagram

Animation from JPEG by  @jay_septimo  on Instagram

Animation from JPEG by @jay_septimo on Instagram

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