Conquering Creative Burnouts

This is not a myth. I’m sure you’ve heard this word being thrown around creatives very often. Perhaps, you even questioned its existence, or mocked its side effects and symptoms, brushing it off as nothing more than a placebo. But we’re here to tell you that this is real, and it could happen to you anytime.

What is a Creative Burnout?

Creative burnout is the feeling of restlessness, exhaustion, and indifference towards what you do. Sometimes it’s something that you would usually feel very passionate, excited and enthusiastic about. It often comes as a result of a mundane, repetitive and unrewarding work or schedule.

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s  Graphika Manila Project

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s Graphika Manila Project

How Do I Get Over It?

Change Things Up

Sticking to a set routine of work is a good habit to keep. But sometimes, this set routine could be what is leading you to your creative rut. Get outside, take a breather and refresh/awaken your creative imagination. No forced creativity or idea is ever a good one, so get out and restore your creative energy in preparation for some kick-ass ideas. 

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s  Manifesto

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s Manifesto

Go Through It

Occasionally creative blocks are a manifestation of other troubles that you are facing in life. It could be unresolved issues like family, financial woes or other school/work related stresses. Take a sit down, analyze and get to the root of the problem, solve it and perhaps then, all will be better!

Do What You Love

Chances are, work and the thing that you love doing is what led to this creative burnout. But it’s a thin line that we thread when it comes to loving what you do and experiencing the pressures that come from doing it as a paying job. Which is why it is important to distance yourself from work and find the time to do what makes you happy. Expand your creative horizons, and let your creative juices flow on your own terms.

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s  Pausefest Deliberation Project

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s Pausefest Deliberation Project

Steering Clear of Burnouts

As we mentioned above, falling into the quicksand of creative burnouts are often a result of endless dreary work and a loss of focus, motivation, and drive. To prevent this freefall from happening, one can only plan ahead and predict such unfortunate predicaments. 

It’s important to choose projects wisely, to work on the interesting ones that will grow you and challenge you creatively. If allowed, you should most definitely pick up more than one project, so you can always switch between them when you hit a wall.

We cannot stress this enough, but one should always have a sufficient amount of me-time. So allocate time for relaxation, breaks, and anything except for work! This is essential when it comes to escaping burnouts.

If you’re in a working environment, surround yourself with co-workers or friends who can help relieve tension in times of crisis. Chat up that person who is able to give you the giggles, essentially, just be with people who can keep you sane.

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s  Pausefest Deliberation Project

Cr: Genesis Motion Design’s Pausefest Deliberation Project

Creative burnouts, as much as it pains us to say, is part and parcel of the lives of creatives. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot be avoided or annihilated. You just have to know what to do when the time comes! And we hope that this article can help you in your times of need. 

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