Surefire Tips To Make A First Impression With Your Motion Reel

Surefire Tips To Make A First Impression With Your Motion Reel

If you haven’t caught it yet, you’ve missed out on some great advice. Or did you….? Well, we don’t mean to brag, but we’ve collated the tips that we gave and we’re putting them on here for all of you so let’s jump right in!

Pitch, perfect!

2019 is just weeks away. A new year spells new opportunities right? For all the marketers, sales persons and creatives out there, this is for you. It’s time to grab 2019 by its horns, put your best pitch forward and nab all of the opportunities that await you in the year to come.

There are a few elements that play a part in making the perfect pitch. We all know the basic and usual advice that people give when it comes to that, like the importance of knowing your audience, keeping it short, and finally, showing and not telling. There is one understated tool that can help to fulfil all of the above. Yup, you’ve probably guessed it… It’s video.

All Your Information In One Place

Imagine an entire deck filled with the introduction of yourself or your company, your capabilities and various other information all rolled into a quick video that settles itself in 1-2 minutes. As opposed to 10-15 minutes of dreary and exhausting babbling? No, thank you, we’d pick the former.

Cr: BooneOakley Youtube

Attention-grabbing and Entertaining

I’m sure as humans we know that visual content trumps sound and simple words. It has and always will be the preferred type of content for us all. With video, you can tell stories and inject emotions and excitement into plain ol’ pitches. Notice how videos are so often used in lectures and conferences to “wake people up”? The same goes for this. Just that you won’t have to use pitch videos to wake them up. Because all of what they need to know is already in the video.

Stand Out

In a world of powerpoints and keynotes, of cue cards and slide-show clickers, you can be different. Videos not only serve as sources of information and entertainment - they are the windows to your brand identity and personality - a representation of your company (or you). It almost always pays to be different - especially so in situations like this when you’re competing with a handful of others for that very same approval. But in the midst of trying to be different, keep in mind that consistency is key when you’re portraying your brand personality and identity through video.

Now that you’ve got it all down, you just need to throw in some confidence and charisma to bag that pitch. Forgive the pop-culture reference, but something similar to what Barney Stinson did with his video resume.

Cr: Ronaldica08 Youtube from How I Met Your Mother

So go on and incorporate a video or two into your next pitch and don’t let your mood run the presentation and its outcome. Make those minutes count!

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