MullenLowe Singapore put us up to the challenge to deliver an exciting and lighthearted spin to the ever-serious facade of the Republic of Singapore Navy. As the campaign focuses on garnering interest and recruiting the strong women of Singapore, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram were the main weapon of choice, alongside their website as the main call-to-action.
Styleframe of Navy Ship Styleframe of Ship Interior


Republic Of Singapore Navy


MullenLowe Singapore

Agency Creative Director(s)

Daniel Kee

Agency Project Manager(s)

Julie Chua, Jaye Ong

Agency Creative(s)

Claudius Keng, Goh Caili, Samantha Young, Ernest Kok

Creative Director(s)

Zhang Long Fei

Animation Director(s)

Benjamin Ang


Kacey Sim

3D Designer(s)

Alvin Gunawan

2D Designer(s)

Sarah Wang, Stacey Cobrador, Joanne Lin

2D Animator(s)

Joanne Lin, Clarice Woon, Lam Guan Wah


Sarah Wang