Travelling is an experience befitting of a mighty story, one that we are always raring to tell. To inject a zest of life to Scoot’s ‘Active Silvers’ campaign, we joined forces with Block J to tell a compelling tale: an old man spending his golden years soaking in the sights and sounds of the world. We aligned with our client’s whimsical and young-at-heart persona, attracting 30,000 views on Scoot’s Facebook page.


Scoot Singapore



Agency Project Manager(s)

Fiona Huang, Joan Lim, Angela Ho

Agency Creative(s)

Antara Aneja, Sonali Ranjit

Creative Director(s)

Zhang Long Fei


Kacey Sim

Storyboard Artist(s)

Clarice Woon, Sarah Wang, Zhang Long Fei

3D Designer(s)

Sarah Wang

2D Designer(s)

Sarah Wang, Clarice Woon

3D Animator(s)

Sarah Wang

2D Animator(s)

Joanne Lin, Stacey Cobrador, Clarice Woon, Lim Xin Qiang, Choo Hui Xuan, Chintana Lee, Lam Guan Wah


Joanne Lin, Stacey Cobrador

Music & Sound Design

GRYD Studio