In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we were commissioned by Robinsons to produce a video depicting elements of a traditional Chinese painting. To pay homage to one of the greatest art forms, we conducted in-depth research of traditional landscapes, bird-and-flower movements—down to the delicate, precise execution of brushstroke to paper. Taking the reins of the entire project, we helmed the end-to-end execution from styling, storyboarding, providing the right music and voiceover, to even incorporating a real-life set into the video.
This secured over 2,000 views on the retail giant’s Facebook page.


Robinsons Singapore


DDB Singapore

Agency Project Manager(s)

Scott Ng

Creative Director(s)

Benjamin Ang


Darren Shieh

2D Designer(s)

Daryl Feril

2D Animator(s)

Jay Septimo, Stacey Cobrador, Joanne Lin


Jay Septimo, Stacey Cobrador, Joanne Lin

Music & Sound Design

GRYD Studio