When French studio Acute Games approached us to create a feature film for their indie trading card game, Urban Rivals, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to go rogue and play up an urban street and cyberpunk art style. From drawing the cityscape from scratch, to reinventing and illustrating some of the game’s key characters in battle—we pumped Clint City with trailblazing, pill-popping power. This was met with enthusiastic response, scoring almost 50,000 views across Acute Games’ social channels.


Acute Games

Client Creative(s)

Florian Montani

Creative Director(s)

Zhang Long Fei

Animation Director(s)

Jay Septimo


Kacey Sim

Storyboard Artist(s)

Zhang Long Fei, Jay Septimo

2D Designer(s)

Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Clarice Woon, Zhang Long Fei, Choo Hui Xuan, Jay Septimo, Stacey Cobrador

2D Animator(s)

Jay Septimo, Choo Hui Xuan, Clarice Woon

Music & Sound Design

Zing Audio