The ghosts of our machines. The solution to perplexing conundrums. In our quest to create an enigmatic title sequence for the CNA documentary, ‘Algorithms’, we used metaphorical elements to evoke a sense of mystery. From computers, to the calculation of light and numbers, we joined different elements to produce a futuristic representation of the digital world we live in today, backed by the right track to provide additional depth and edge-of-the-seat suspense to the final piece.


Mediacorp Singapore

Client Creative(s)

Tracy Marie Lee Shiyin

Creative Director(s)

Benjamin Ang


Darren Shieh

Storyboard Artist(s)

Benjamin Ang

3D Designer(s)

Benjamin Ang

2D Designer(s)

Benjamin Ang, Zhang Long Fei, Stacey Cobrador

2D Animator(s)

Natalie Ang, Zhang Long Fei, Stacey Cobrador, Benjamin Ang


Benjamin Ang