A collaboration that transcends borders. To represent the fiery passion and energy of Bwin, we teamed up with our friends from YETI Pictures, based in Greece. From pitching the initial idea to storyboarding, we produced a dynamic stylised video portraying players using supercharged powers—a race to ultimate glory that racked up a 1.26 million views from inspired folks worldwide.
BWIN Euroleague Styleframe Pitch BWIN Euroleague Motion Graphics Animation




YETI Pictures

Agency Creative Director(s)

Tony Zagoraios, Thanos Kagkalos

Agency Project Manager(s)

Vasiliki Evangelopoulou

Creative Director(s)

Zhang Long Fei


Kacey Sim

Storyboard Artist(s)

Zhang Long Fei, Jay Septimo, Lam Guan Wah

2D Designer(s)

Sarah Wang, Clarice Woon, Joanne Lin

3D Animator(s)

Sarah Wang, Lim Xin Qiang, Stacey Cobrador

2D Animator(s)

Sarah Wang, Joanne Lin, Choo Hui Xuan, Chintana Lee, Lam Guan Wah, Clarice Woon, Lim Xin Qiang, José Luis Rosado, Bonkers Animation Studio, Juan Huarte


Sarah Wang