A preseason to remember. We partnered with the SEA team of Riot Games to introduce a slew of exciting updates for their widely popular multiplayer online game, League of Legends. To ensure we aligned to the game’s iconic graphic style, we closely referenced the colour palette and every nuanced detail in our style frames. The final piece gained considerable traction. It was picked up by the global team and HQ in America, and went on to be showcased in different continents—gathering a cool 2.5 million views worldwide.


Riot Games / League Of Legends

Client Creative(s)

Anne Tran, Veronica Foo, Deon Moh, Jun Chia, Vera Lim

Creative Director(s)

Benjamin Ang


Darren Shieh

Storyboard Artist(s)

Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang

2D Designer(s)

Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Soo Min Lim, Darren Shieh, Benjamin Ang

2D Animator(s)

Rachael Lum, Sarah Wang, Soo Min Lim